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Україна - НАТО . Лист- звернення до Прем'єр - міністра Естонії

Написано перес.служба АУОЕ

  Ukraina Organisatsioonide Assotsiatsioon Eestis

  Асоціація Українських Організацій в Естонії


HE Kaja Kallas

Prime Minister The Republic of Estonia                                      Nr.09/06/21/1 09.06.2021


Your Excellency,

 In the framework of a complicated debate on the immediate future of the North-Atlantic cooperation as well as Ukraine’s direct involvement into the process, the Association of Ukrainian Organisations in Estonia is welcoming our country’s firm position in regards of supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. Moreover, considering the fact that Estonia is one of the most pro-NATO countries of the European continent, we would like express our gratitude to Government of Estonia for supporting Ukraine’s recognition by NATO as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner. In May 2021, in your current capacity as the country’s Prime Minister, you visited Ukraine to experience the situation first-hand. The high-level dialogue between NATO and Ukraine is approaching its 30th anniversary, the Ukrainian civil society, having defended the true values of democracy during the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity, is about to approach the moment of truth on how the Alliance understands the actual significance of Ukraine for the NATObound security framework. Having provided its troops to a number of Allied operations and having sacrificed thousands of lives of Ukrainians to rebuff the Russian aggression from going further on, closer to the heart of Europe, Ukraine arguably deserves to see a clearer, more pronounced path towards NATO membership. Considering the context, the upcoming NATO Summit can become a truly historic one or go down in history as an ordinary event. Our Estonia understands it very well that the lack of international will to recognise the geo-strategic significance of the Baltics- and Ukraine-associated questions had already led to a range of international conflicts, including both World Wars, silence about the Holodomor and numerous deportations, widespread Russification during the Soviet era, and the current as well as brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine and Georgia. With Ukraine on board, NATO is to become an influential actor within a new international system where democratic values, solidarity, and mutual trust can embrace their original meanings. It is great for Ukraine to have such a sincere partner as Estonia, and we are endorsing Estonia’s continuing support of Ukraine’s aspirations to join the Alliance.

 Yours sincerely,                                                                                       

Vladimir Palamar                                                         


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