One of the Association's main activities is organising the work with children and youth. Since day one of their existence, local Ukrainian communities in multiple cities have organised Sunday and Saturday schools, classes for in-depth language learning and interest groups.

For more than 20 years, Ukrainian Sunday schools in Estonia

have been operating at societies that are part of the Association:

  • Tallinn - Nadiia school. Headmaster V. Palamar

  • Sillamäe - Sunday school of the Ukrainian hometown society Vodogray. Headmistress L. Zhytnyk

  • Valga - Saturday school Kalyna. Headmistress R. Dovha

  • Tapa, Lesya Ukrainka School

Prosvita society was the first to open a Ukrainian class in the community. Pupils and teachers of Prosvita later formed the foundation of the Nadiia Sunday school at the Association, which has been successfully operating to this day.

In 2011, a class of in-depth study of the Ukrainian language was opened at the Tallinn Mustamäe Secondary School. It operated for four years.

Sunday school of the hometown society Vodogray was the first institution of this level in Estonia to receive a license from the Ministry of Education and Science for the right to teach the native language.

Several international seminars Ukrainian Education in Estonia were held at the Ukrainian Sunday school in Sillamäe and its branch in Tartu (until 2018) with the participation of teachers from Tallinn, Tartu and Kyiv universities.

The first conference of Ukrainian youth in Estonia

took place on March 10, 2004. The Union of Ukrainian Youth of Estonia traditionally coordinates the work with the young generation and, in addition to internal work on the country's territory, supports international campaigns, youth participation in international camps, youth festivals, volunteer movements, etc.

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