These days, when Ukraine is fighting for its right to independence in the war against russia, the Ukrainian language and culture are essential. They are an integral part of self-determination in this world of every Ukrainian, the guide of our will to independence and freedom.

Organisations in the Association hold thematic concerts, literary and chamber evenings, vocal competitions, cultural and educational city events, exhibitions, conferences and other events for children and adults.

Workshop for the development of young talents

Vocal and instrumental ensembles and dance companies of Ukrainian organisations in Estonia:

  • Ukrainian song and dance ensemble Volya. Artistic director - Yevhen Novokhatniy, head choreographer - Anastasiia Kozachok, head of the vocal group - Kateryna Chalova
  • Musical ensemble Melodiya, Paldiski. Artistic director - Ivan Shchogolev
  • Ukrainian Sunday school Vodogray. Artistic director - Svitlana Stashkevich
  • Ukrainian Sunday school Nadiia. Artistic director - Liudmyla Gramiak
  • Dance company Colour. Artistic director - Nina Gets
  • • Ensemble Kalyna, Valga. Artistic director - Ruslana Dovha

An outstanding achievement of the Association in developing the direction of Ukrainian culture in Estonia has been the organisation of the annual International Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity, Flowers of Ukraine, since 2001 and the Festival of Creativity Northern Star since 2002. In 2023, the Association, in cooperation with the Estonian Open Air Museum (Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum), started the ethnic festival Vyshyvanka Unites / Rahvustikandi päev for World Needlework Day.

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