On October 14, in Tallinn, the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, together with the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia, present a profound paper on Putin’s Nazism or the so-called “Ruszism”. The event will take place at 12 pm at the conference hall of the Park inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & SPA hotel Tallinn. 

Putin’s Nazism is, in essence, Sadism, and this has been proven both by researchers and by life itself. However, even during the eigth month of the full-scale war with the Russians and at the stage of nuclear blackmail there are people and some countries sticking to their illusions and thinking that a dialog in its general meaning is possible with the Russians.  

The matter here is not just in de-politization and personal gain but also in psychological factors, such as fear, inertia, the feeling of guilt, etc. Some regard  Putin’s abettors through the prism of their own psychology trying to find rational reasons and failing every time which leads to paranoid delirium, despair, and then even worse, the Stockholm syndrome.   The other extreme position is that it is impossible to understand Russians because they are constantly lying. However, the situation is clearly opposite: Putin’s officials are constantly talking about themselves, they are plainly incapable of talking about anything else, and you just have to listen to them in the right way.  

The paper’s author, Natalya Davydova, a psychoanalist and Candidate of Sciences in history, having analysed what speakers of different levels are saying, suggests the following conclusions for the paper:  

  • Putin’s Nazism is Sadism, while the sadist’s thinking is perversive (fetichist) and archaic
  • The Russian society is chronically traumatized, and the Russians have split into movable groups: aggressive sadists, abettors, and victims  
  •  “Russki World” is a unique ground for the free manifestation of violence and a rhetoric territory for those who are silent about trauma  
  • Putin’s propaganda and the psychological apparatus of a Russian perform similar functions: they protect Russians from rerality   

In addition to the issues listed above, the paper dwells on the following:  

  • Do Russians exist (in the ethnic sense)?  
  • What Putin’s upper stratum is afraid of?  
  • What is the aim of the Russian army when it terrorizes civil population, why the Russians are fond of sadistic tyrants, and how the Russian post-traumatic syndrome came into being?  
  • Can something be done about this at all or are the Russians doomed?  

As of now, ignoring the threat emanating from Putin’s regime and being lenient towards it has already cost humanity very dearly: the humankind has found itself facing the threat of nuclear war.  The earlier everyone opens their eyes and the faster they abandon their illusions and temptations, the more chances we have to save the world and bring back our previous life, the life where the scariest prospect was the Covid lockdown, not the fight for food and fuel under the dark sky of the global nuclear night.  

We invite everyone to the presentation, in particular journalists, media representatives, politicians, experts, public opinion leaders, state actors, and average individuals.  

In order to take part, register with the help of the Google form  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdaOOJCCiq5GOnKrV8L3xqbUxB8q0G_l02PzLfT8hX_6c44CQ/viewform  or confirm your participation by calling  


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