The Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia, together with its partners, is organizing an auction to raise funds for the purchase of a state-of-the-art communication and surveillance complex manufactured by the Estonian company Threod Systems.

Items submitted for auction can be viewed and purchased at the exhibition of Ukrainian artists Dmytro Dobrovolskyi and Nina Dobrovolskyi at the Gallery of Architecture and Design at Parnu mnt 6.

List of lots offered by our charity auction:

1. “Rio DE Janeiro. Sugarloaf” The painting of the famous Ukrainian artist Dmytro Dobrovolskyi – starting price 2000.00 EUR

2. A fragment of active armor from a Russian T-72 tank, destroyed during the liberation operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, near the village of Dementiivka – starting price 2500.00 EUR

3. Shaver and stand ”Sea Devil” from company Lucky Wind – starting price 6000.00 EUR

4. The dirk of an Estonian naval officer of the period 1920-1938 -starting price 11,000.00 EUR

The auction will last from October 8 till October 31, 2022. Of the end of exhibition, lots can be purchased at the Association’s office at Nafta 6. If you have any questions, please call: 55659763

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